Basic Setting

Scarlet is set in medium sized research town in Alabama, USA.  All characters are humans that may or may not being under the influence of a technology related change.  Science Fiction related transformations and play are encouraged.

Channel Information

Q: What is not allowed in channel?

A: Scat, Vore, Water Sports.  Basically anything that most people would find outright disgusting.

Q: Can characters have sex in the main channel?

A: Yes, but please note that if the characters are doing so in a publicly accessible area that others might intrude.

Town Square

North Side

NIP Cafe

Enjoy a delicious meal with your favorite coffee treat!  If you're so inclined one can also equip a Neural Intercept Patch and enjoy swapping memories or bodies with other patrons.

South Side

Scarlet Boutique

Don't like your torso?  Too fat, too skinny, or just otherwise want to temporarily change yourself?  Come on in to Scarlet Boutique!  Mistress Scarlet will be there to get you in a new piece of temporal distortion clothing.