This 5.5" lift parts list totals around $600 and can usually be priced under that cost. The gap between the total shown in the list of the $600 figure is to account for price differences and shipping costs.


It will ride better than lift kits from manufacturers in the $600 range and is a 100% complete setup unlike most after market kits. This is due to having the Rubicon Express control arm drop brackets. It includes items such as longer brake hoses, longer parking brake cables, and longer sway bar links. As well, it has a heavy duty adjustable track bar for proper alignment of the front axle.

No Hacks

The setup avoids hacks such as lowering the parking brake equalizer bracket and bending the front metal brake lines from their stock positions.


Quantity Description Part Numbers Application Typical Price Total Notes
2 Front Brake Hose Dorman H38620(15567867, 17999993, 18032346, 22113461) 1988-2000 GM Truck $8.00 $16.00 May require light grinding at the banjo bolt fitting to work with some calipers. These hoses are 5" longer than stock. Buy It
1 Rear Center Brake Hose Dorman H38636(4383929, 4636392) 1989-1996 Dodge Dakota $15.00 $15.00 3" to 5" longer than stock. This variance is because of the difference between short and long beds. As well, some aftermarket replacements are longer to start with. Buy It
2 Parking Brake Cable Dorman C93113(3239949, Raybestos/Coniseal BC93113, Bendix C1235, Wagner BC108518) 1981-1986 Jeep CJ5/CJ7/Scrambler $17.00 $34.00 Short and long bed share the same rear cables after the equalizer bracket. The front cable from inside the cab is the longer piece between short and long bed. These cables are 10" longer than stock. Buy It
1 Rubicon Express 5.5" Coil Springs RE1345 XJ, ZJ, MJ $85.00 $85.00 These are ridiculously cheap for a good quality spring. They are designed to hold up Jeeps with heavier front bumpers so if you have the light stock bumper they will result a stiffer ride. Buy It
1 Rubicon Express Control Arm Drop Brackets RE9900 XJ, MJ $150.00 $150.00 Using drop brackets allows the stock control arms to be used. They will also help to center the wheels in the fenders and keep the proper caster angle. This is important to reduce unnecessary tire rubbing and keep the track bar from contacting the differential cover. These brackets are easily a third of the cost of replacement adjustable control arms that would still leave them at undesirable angles. Buy It
1 Iron Rock Off Road Adjustable Double Shear Track Bar Kit IR-STBCK XJ, ZJ, MJ $189.00 $189.00 Simply the best cost to quality ratio available. This adjustable track bar kit is cheap, great quality, strong, and comes with the stronger track bar bracket that most more expensive kits leave out. It also changes the tie rod end at the frame for a bushing that will not bind while the axle moves up and down. Buy It
1 Ruff Stuff D35/D44 Spring Perches for Spring Over Axle(SOA) swap D3035-PERCH for Dana 35 or D44-PERCH for Dana 44 Any $34.00 $34.00 WELDING REQUIRED! While these are more expensive than the MOPAR P4120074 3" axle perches they are the proper size, 2.75", for the D35 and D44 axles that came stock in the MJ. If you are swapping to a Chrysler 8.25 axle then swap this part out for the MOPAR version to help lower the overall price. The Ruff Stuff perches are eight inches long to assist with preventing excessive spring wrap over time. Buy It
1 Iron Rock Off Road Sway Bar Link U-Bracket IR-SBLUB XJ, ZJ, MJ, TJ $12.50 $12.50 Needed to adapt the longer sway bar links. Buy It
2 Deeza DDL646(MOOG K80244) TJ $11.00 $22.00 13.75" long sway bar links with rubber bushings at each end. 5.5" inches longer than the stock links. These measurements are not center to center of the bushings. The IRO sway bar adapter will add about 1" to the overall length getting the sway bar right in the 10* to 20* angle it requires. The total cost for all of this is $47 which is much cheaper than the $70 range for most extended links. The MOOG K80244 is a nice equivalent, but is nearly double the cost. Buy It
1 Iron Rock Off Road Universal Shock Mount Kit IR-A_USM Style C XJ, ZJ, MJ, TJ $18.00 $18.00 WELDING REQUIRED! These are for mounting the rear shocks. Buy It